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oceangirlfans's Journal

Ocean Girl Fans
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome to oceangirlfans, the livejournal community for fans of the Australian television series, Ocean Girl. In this community, discussion may include (but not be limited to) the television show, the animated series, the actors and actresses, information on merchandise, fanlistings, websites, and so on. I will also, on occasion, share icons and other graphics that I have made with you. I would be happy if you would share any Ocean Girl-related creations you have made, as well. :) Also, if you like the community icons, you are free to use them for your own journal, although I would appreciate credit (aquaticnocturne or oceangirlfans) in your keywords, description, or user info.


01. Please stay on topic. Any post that does not relate to Ocean Girl in any way will be deleted. Should you make a post that is completely off topic, you will receive a warning. A second one will result in either removal of posting priveleges or membership.

02. Any posts with multimedia must be friends locked. This includes video clips, sound clips, and music. Even if it is not included in the post itself, but linked to your own journal or another site - be sure to lock it.

03. If you plan to post a large image (or several images), place it (them) behind an lj-cut. There is not a specific size limitation - just use your best judgement, and if it is too large, I will politely ask you to edit it. Basically, if you know it's going to take up a lot of space on someone's friends page, put it behind a cut.

04. Advertising a community or website is fine as long as it relates in some way to Ocean Girl.

05. For posting fanworks, please use the following form (and place your work behind an lj-cut):


* Required information. The rest of the form only needs to be filled out as it is applicable to your fanwork.

06. All standard community rules apply. Which, in general, just means show courtesy to other community members and comply to livejournal's terms of service.


For questions or comments regarding the community, you are more than welcome to contact the moderator by sending a private message. Thanks!

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