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Hello everyone,

I loved Ocean Girl as a kid and have recently returned to that love. I'm already in the process of making a music video and writting fic (though lord know I already have enough fics due as it is).

But I also introduce myself to ask for fic recs. More specifically Jason/Neri fic recs. Can anybody help me?
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Chapter 27

Well that's it, the end of the Ocean Girl novelization project. It's been fun for me, and I'm glad you all enjoyed it. It's been very weird these past few weeks since I finished the writing-- after about three years of every day spending a few hours writing, I suddenly didn't have anything to do with myself after work! But then I started my next project, a horse story I hope to get published, so now I spend my hours after work writing that, or else reading horse books for research. That's the life of a writer...

You can download .pdfs of the novelizations from my deviantart. I reccomend the .pdfs since they have some of the formatting that lj cuts out. Any future stuff I write that isn't for publication will go up there too. (you can also see now good at drawing I'm not!)

I would like to say a big thanks to the cast and crew of Ocean Girl for making such an inspiring show! Especially Marzena, whose character will live in my heart forever. And the other thank you is to Alana, she's the reason I did season 2 and 3.

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Chapter 25

And a happy winter-type holiday to everybody! I sure had one. Now it's time to head back to normal life, new year, new projects... it's exciting, but also depressing 'cause it's less fun than having presents with everybody. Anyway after this there's one whole chapter and a little epilog, so two more weeks then y'all will have to find something else to brighten your sundays.

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