Stormy (stormyserenity) wrote in oceangirlfans,

A selection of links

Adult Jason—oh dear!
An ok site, most of its parts still work
The one with the freaky faces at the top
The best site I’ve found so far
Site with useful episode guides
the op on youtube
Page with a very nice gallery
The cartoon.
The Ocean Girl/SeaQuest fanfic written by the mailing list
Site in German. Look for a very strange pic of Marzena under downloads.
A sweet tghought
An X-Files crossover story
People talking about SeaQuest crossovers
Watch season 1 and 2 free streaming
Maybe a fanfic?
Adult Marzena—babe, that lipstick is a mistake!
two fanfics
an Ocean Girl/Smallville crossover
Behind the scenes video

Tags: david hoflin, fanfiction, fansites, marzena godecki, ocean girl mailing list, screencaps, the new adventures of ocean girl, video

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  • Gif

    Made another Neri/Jason gif.. More sizes under the cut (two different file sizes)

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