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Ocean Girl Fans
Differences between season 1 and rest of the show. 
5th-Apr-2013 03:54 pm
hazumu blue
I suddenly realized that Ocean Girl may have been planned for first season only and that story was meant to show just a human child who became lost in the wilderness. Just a feral child story, resembling "Music of Dolphins" [thank you Judith].
Basically - there is nothing that suggest that she is an alien, even remains of some sort of an aircraft on her island resemble that of World War 2 bomber or old passenger plane.

Even Neri's abilities are humanly possible - i did some research on the subject and it's known that divers, especially those who train since childhood, like Polinesian pearl divers can get such stamina and endurance. Her talking to whales may be more of hearing ultrasounds whales use for communication and living close to nature. And such people often have ESP [extra sensory perception] abilities too.
It's only her blood work that it's said that is non-human. But that is in the very end of season 1 and it may have been altered when movie guys decided to extend the show and use ideas from X-files like movies.

So - what do you think?
I have tried some of Neri's lifestyle and it got me into thinking that it may be a true story made into a movie script.
6th-Apr-2013 03:21 am (UTC)
Yeah, it may have been planned on just one season, with more added 'cause it was popular. Thank God more was added! :)
7th-Apr-2013 09:50 am (UTC)
I can appreciate the theory but I think they put hints in the beginning of the season that Neri was not of this Earth. They used a body double in several of her shots diving into the water from far away so that Marzena could pop up closer to the camera to show how fast Neri could swim. The tech equipment always showed her swimming at speeds faster than 'humanly' possible. Then there was jarley, mistaken for Charlie, a hint of a language not known on this planet. There was also the constant need for water. I think Shiff wanted an 'alien' show from the beginning. I do like how you made the parallels between Ocean Girl and "Music of Dolphins". :)
7th-Apr-2013 12:02 pm (UTC)
I'm bit of amateur scientist and since i have seen 4th season on TV back in 1990's i was wondering - how it could be possible in real life and later - when i did some research - why descriptions for Neri and Mera are so in depth realistic. For some time i have this impression that movie guys took the idea from somewhere and that Ocean Girl may be some sort of a guideline for "different" people.
At the moment i feel exacly like Mera in those episodes before she met the Neri and the gang. And i do hope that Ocean Girl is based on something, that those alien girls are real and some time soon things will change as in season 2 for Mera.
If i add results of my research and observations related to Ocean Girl biological needs and abilities... one part of me screams - that must be true! Those aliens exist! Other is skeptical and looks for explanations other than "aliens".
And yes - i did watch X-files as a child.
7th-Apr-2013 10:15 pm (UTC)
I totally get being able to identify with Mera and Neri, I spent some of my youth in foster care and that was probably part of the reason I was so drawn to the show when it originally aired. That and I've always loved nature and swimming. ;)

one part of me screams - that must be true! Those aliens exist! Other is skeptical and looks for explanations other than "aliens". And yes - i did watch X-files as a child.

Ha, yes! :) The Mulder side is always inclined to be excited and optimistic that we are not alone and the Scully side will always try to find some kind of scientific explanation for the more mysterious. Either way i think that people with special abilities are gifted individuals whatever their talent may be, even if it is simply showing as much compassion and care as the characters did on this show for their friends.

8th-Apr-2013 06:20 pm (UTC)
I am m/f transsexual and i think that because of that i was always an alien - socially and medically. In fact - i always wanted to be a real alien and Ocean Girl showed me the loveliest alien girl i have seen. This is why i started my research and experimentation - to be able to live next to her and have the very same adventures Neri had. And because i started watching OG from season 4 - back when it was on TV i was even more into it because i loved X-files and alike and i always wanted to take my chances with government agents hunting aliens. Either as alien or alien's friend or relative.
It was much later than i realized that Neri and me have much more in common without all those research. For example - i was home schooled till age 13 so my first experiences with children do resemble that of Neri's. My early years in forest cottage with only grandma and the dog, my mother saying the exactly the same thing Neri heard from her father - that i am different and people will hurt me.
No wonder OG got under my skin. And in fact - some of my friends do tell me that i never wanted to be just a normal girl, that my sex change is all about becoming Neri, or a Neri [one of her kind].
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