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Ok, wow, I had no idea there were still fans out there! A few things, i'm a new member but I've been a fan for YEARS! I'm probably pretty lucky because I have the whole series on pirated DVDs (some 15 of them) from a mailing list years ago, off of Canadian TV. On top of that, I happen to own the official soundtrack and the official novelization (horrendous though it is, it is REALLY bad) so if anyone wants me to load anything up, it may take time because I have to find it, but I can load stuff to the internet if anyone wants.

Thirdly, if anyone is interested, I have a long suffering fan fiction series called the "Long and Winding Road" that I haven't forgotten and plan to finish in the future. Here's a link: I also plan to go back and fix all the serious inconsistencies in it. But first comes actually finishing the thing. Sigh. Let me know what you think.

Tags: fanfiction

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