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19th-May-2014 01:38 pm - Tumblr
ocean love
For those of you who are on tumblr (or who still otherwise might be interested), I've created an Ocean Girl blog. It's a day old, and there's only a few gifsets posted at the moment, but I am planning to post more in the future. It's open to submissions, so I hope that other fans (including some of you reading this?) might be willing to contribute as well. I hope to see you there!
10th-Oct-2013 10:54 am - Anyone wants to feel like Neri?
hazumu blue
I got this game - Aquaria from a friend and it reminded me of old vision that i had when i re-watched Ocean Girl. Almost same setting, and almost the same character.
Game is about a girl who lives alone in underwater world called Aquaria and then something happens and...
Plot line is completely different from Ocean Girl but there are moments that could be taken from OG or could be used in this new OG series.
Game has playable demo so you may try it out. And even if it does not fit into OG i still recommend it.
30th-Jul-2013 06:00 pm(no subject)
ef - chains
Well, it's official! You have to scroll down a bit, but the new show is listed, a 26 episode season so they must be confidant in it. (and now you know all the info at that link.) I'm sure it could still get cancelled, but if nothing goes wrong, come next year this community will have something to talk about again!
22nd-Jul-2013 01:03 pm(no subject)
ef - chains

The cartoon was, unfortunately, not very good. But the opening is pretty! So I decided to inflict it on all of you.
Out reading
This is a slightly modified excerpt from a longer post at my book blog, Postcards from La-La Land:
. . . . . . . .

My Sister Sif, by Ruth Park.

We Magnus children were born on an outer island of the Epiphany Group in the Pacific Ocean.  This island is called Rongo, and it is so small no one in the world cares about it except the people who live there.  It is just above the Tropic of Capricorn, lying halfway between the Friendlies and the Cook Islands, south-west of Tahiti and the Marquesas. *


This is another story that blends the beautiful and poetic with the sad and cynical.  It is Park’s view, from the 1980s (the book was first published in 1986), of environmental conditions in the early 2000s – and that view is harsh.  But it’s not all doom-and-gloom; it wouldn’t be one of my favorite books if that were the case.  I love it both for the parts that make me want to cry, and the parts that let me hope things can get better.

These are the things I appreciated even more on second-read:

  • Setting.  You get a very strong sense of place from Riko’s narration – you can feel how much Rongo means to her, and to the other characters.  The land itself is practically a living character, or at least part of one – “the hide of a marvelous live monster which every now and then twitched that hide, or trembled in a dream.”

  • Voice/characterization. Riko is fourteen when the story takes place, and the way she understands the world, the way she reacts to the idea of her closest sister growing up and living her own life, is absolutely relatable.  She tries desperately to keep control of her world, really believing she knows best, until someone pushes back.

  • Commander! The Ocean Girl Radar™ is picking up strong signals from this book…it seems the lagoon of Rongo is home to a tribe of people who’ve adapted to swim and breathe like whales, and who can speak telepathically with said whales (as well as other sea creatures), and who live in an underwater city!

  • Riko’s discussions on South Pacific folklore/mythology -- the menehune (a dwarf-like people who build amazingly strong structures with earth and stone), for instance, and the forest guardian Tane.  These beings are so much a part of Rongo’s society that even the local missionary respects them – “Mr Spry … said sensibly that the gods had been around the Pacific for thousands of years and it was nothing more than good manners to treat elderly persons nicely.”

*  I should probably mention that Rongo and the Epiphanies are fictional places.  Yes, I  did Google them ^_^;;

. . . . .
Some info on Ruth Park:

  • An Author in Search of a Character“ – in which Park describes her methods of character development.  Her tone is good-naturedly defiant (“Not for me the building of a character brick by blasted brick. To get my imaginary people I go straight out to the wholesaler's. And what a job he's made of them!”), and her points at the beginning remind me a bit of Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own.”

  • ‘Sydney’s Dickens’” – a memorial in The Australian, on the author’s passing in December 2010.

hazumu blue
I suddenly realized that Ocean Girl may have been planned for first season only and that story was meant to show just a human child who became lost in the wilderness. Just a feral child story, resembling "Music of Dolphins" [thank you Judith].
Basically - there is nothing that suggest that she is an alien, even remains of some sort of an aircraft on her island resemble that of World War 2 bomber or old passenger plane.

Even Neri's abilities are humanly possible - i did some research on the subject and it's known that divers, especially those who train since childhood, like Polinesian pearl divers can get such stamina and endurance. Her talking to whales may be more of hearing ultrasounds whales use for communication and living close to nature. And such people often have ESP [extra sensory perception] abilities too.
It's only her blood work that it's said that is non-human. But that is in the very end of season 1 and it may have been altered when movie guys decided to extend the show and use ideas from X-files like movies.

So - what do you think?
I have tried some of Neri's lifestyle and it got me into thinking that it may be a true story made into a movie script.
29th-Jan-2013 07:42 pm - Netflix!
Ok, I only just found this out, but Netflix has all four seasons for streaming!
29th-Jan-2013 07:33 pm - Wow!
Ok, wow, I had no idea there were still fans out there! A few things, i'm a new member but I've been a fan for YEARS! I'm probably pretty lucky because I have the whole series on pirated DVDs (some 15 of them) from a mailing list years ago, off of Canadian TV. On top of that, I happen to own the official soundtrack and the official novelization (horrendous though it is, it is REALLY bad) so if anyone wants me to load anything up, it may take time because I have to find it, but I can load stuff to the internet if anyone wants.

Thirdly, if anyone is interested, I have a long suffering fan fiction series called the "Long and Winding Road" that I haven't forgotten and plan to finish in the future. Here's a link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/429667/1/The-Long-and-Winding-Road I also plan to go back and fix all the serious inconsistencies in it. But first comes actually finishing the thing. Sigh. Let me know what you think.

16th-Jan-2013 06:58 am - I made a wallpaper
Ocean Girl
And the obsession continues…
(Click the image for a downloadable version)

OceanGirl wallpaper 2
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